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High Times Magazine Article - The Brady Bunch

1st Place - Ganjacon 2016 - Best CBD Strain

1st Place - Dope Cup 2016 - Best CBD Strain

1st Place - NW Cannabis Classic 2015 - Best Indica - Blue Cheese

2nd Place - NW Cannabis Classic 2015 - Best Sativa

2nd Place - NW Cannabis Classic 2015 - Best Hybrid

3rd Place - NW Cannabis Classic 2015 - Best Hybrid - Blackberry Kush


High Winds Farm is about growing weed that has a great nose and an even greater flavor. To do this we believe it is essential to grow the “old fashioned” way.

First, we grow in our own organic soil. We believe the plant needs the soil to fully develop the aromas and the flavors that are essential to the overall smoking experience. We mix our own organic tea and supplement with organic nutrients. We also believe it is equally important to flush the plant for a full two weeks before harvest.

Once the plant is harvested, the process does not end there.We do something that is unique / rare in the industry. We trim wet. The plant is harvested and immediately put in the hands of our experienced trim crew. We believe trimming the bud while it is still wet and pliable allows the trimmer to trim tighter without damaging the bud structure. Once the buds are trimmed they are hung in drying racks for approximately two weeks in a climate-controlled vault. We want the flower to cure slowly. Once the flower is dried it is finished the old fashioned way and allowed to rest in brown paper bags for several days.

Our entire process was featured in a six-page article in High Times Magazine. In addition to the High Times honor, our flower has won multiple competitions: Northwest Cannabis Classic, Dope Cup and WEED. But most importantly, it seems
to be a favorite with you the consumer.

We have a great crew that loves growing weed and takes pride in their jobs. And, we have a beautiful, new grow site that allows us to create an unbelievable environment for growing weed. We are all proud of the product we produce and we truly appreciate all of our customers. Thank you for smoking High Winds Farm weed!